March is Women’s History Month. It is a time for celebration and reflection, to honour the women whose endeavours have brought us closer to gender parity, and to consider how we can take the movement for women’s liberation forward.

We will be doing a weekly blog on the multifaceted nature of women’s issues, discussing a few of these facets in detail through the lens of our relevant titles. The titles below look at feminist philosophy, examine the fraught relationship between women and politics, consider how religion may empower the fight for women’s rights, and provide solutions towards a fairer workplace.

Woman President
Confronting Postfeminist Political Culture
Kristina Horn Sheeler & Karrin Vasby Anderson
Feb 2017 256pp
9781623495558 Paperback
Presidential Rhetoric and Political Communication, Vol. 22
What elements of American political and rhetorical culture block the imagining - and thus, the electing - of a woman as president? Examining both major-party and third-party campaigns by women, including the 2008 campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin, the authors of Woman President identify the factors that limit electoral possibilities for women.
Texas A&M University Press

Fighting Hislam
Susan Carland
May 2017 277pp
9780522870350 Paperback
Investigates the stories, motivations and challenges of a group of Muslim women in Australia and North America who fight sexism within the Muslim community as theologians, activists, writers and bloggers. Most significantly, far from seeing their faith as the cause of the sexism they face, they see it as the vehicle to bring about the change they want, and an important part of their religious heritage.
Melbourne University Publishing

Stop Fixing Women
Why Building Fairer Workplaces is Everyone's Business
Catherine Fox
Apr 2017 240pp
9781742235165 Paperback
Wage inequality between men and women seems one of the intractables of our age. Women are told they need to back themselves more, stop marginalising themselves, negotiate better, speak up, support each other, strike a balance between work and home. This searing book argues that insisting that women fix themselves won't fix the system, the system built by men.
NewSouth Publishing 



Privately Empowered
Expressing Feminism in Islam in Northern Nigerian Fiction
Shirin Edwin
Feb 2017 264pp 

9780810133686 Hardback 
Responds to the lack of attention paid to Islam in Africa. Shirin Edwin points to the tight embrace between Islam and politics that has rendered Islamic feminist discourse historically and thematically contextualised in regions where Islamic feminism evolves in tandem with the nation-state and is commonly understood in terms of activism, social affiliations, or struggles for legal reform.
Northwestern University Press 

Feminist Experiences 
Foucauldian and Phenomenological Investigations
Johanna Oksala

2016 192pp 
9780810132405 Paperback 
Studies in Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy 
Develops and defends a distinctive understanding of feminist philosophy as social critique. Feminist philosophy is essentially a political endeavour, Johanna Oksala argues, aiming to expose, analyse, and ultimately change gendered power relations. However, such an understanding of feminist philosophy raises a host of theoretical problems and paradoxes. 
Northwestern University Press