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We are very proud to announce that books published by the University Press of Mississippi are now available worldwide from Eurospan, excluding North America.

ounded in 1970 and publishing around eighty books a year, the Press heralds a range of literature that aims to interpret the American South and its culture to the nation and the world. We are exceptionally excited to expand our Performing Arts and Literary Studies subject areas with the addition of the Conversations with Filmmakers Series and Literary Conversations Series.

Kieslowski Haynes Morrison

Key titles include:

Krzysztof Kieslowski
Edited by Renata Bernard & Steven Woodward
February 2016 | 9781628462135 | Hardback | 256pp
Conversations with Filmmakers Series
Krzysztof Kieslowski's untimely death came at the height of his career, after his Three Colors trilogy of films garnered international acclaim, and he had been proclaimed Europe's most important filmmaker by many critics. This collection of interviews reveals the shifting voice of a filmmaker who was initially optimistic about his social and cultural role, then felt himself buffeted by the turbulent politics and events Poland.

Todd Haynes
Edited by Julia Leyda
June 2014 | 9781617039836 | Hardback | 240pp
Conversations with Filmmakers Series
A pioneer of the New Queer Cinema, Todd Haynes (b. 1961) is a leading American independent filmmaker. Haynes has garnered numerous awards and nominations and an expanding fan base for his provocative and engaging work. His most recent work, Carol (2015) has received nine Bafta nominations and six Oscar nominations. Gathering interviews from 1989 -2012, this collection of interviews presents a range of themes, films, and moments in the burgeoning career of Todd Haynes.

Toni Morrison
Memory and Meaning
Edited by Adrienne Lanier Seward & Justine Sally
Foreword by Carolyn C. Denard
February 2016 | 9781496804495 | Paperback | 310pp
Toni Morrison: Memory and Meaning boasts essays by international scholars focusing on the author's literary production and including her very latest works: the theatrical production Desdemona; and her tenth and latest novel, Home. These original contributions are among the first scholarly analyses of these latest additions to her oeuvre and make the volume a valuable addition to potential readers and teachers eager to understand the position of Desdemona and Home within the wider scope of Morrison's career.