Late last night, as months of hard-fought campaigns came to an end, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump delivered their final pitches to the American electorate. Regardless of who will win at the polls today, this election has already proven to be a watershed moment for America, breaking with the norms of political rhetoric and leaving the nation deeply divided over the question of what kind of ideology and ideals the next president of the United States should espouse.

While much of what President Obama’s successor will be able to accomplish in practical terms will depend on the outcome of the congressional elections, the next president will be tasked with guiding the way on a number of key domestic policy issues that will shape American society for years to come. This includes matters such as gun control, immigration reform, women’s reproductive rights, and the nomination of at least one new Supreme Court Judge. He/she will also be confronted with navigating an increasingly complex foreign policy landscape, with the deteriorating situation in the Middle East, Russia and NATO’s ongoing military one-upmanship, and the looming threat of international terrorism at the top of the agenda.

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