On Monday 28th March, Pushkin House announced their shortlist for the Pushkin House Russian Book Prize 2016. We are delighted to say that the Brookings Institution Press title, Russia and the New World Disorder by Bobo Lo made the shortlist! We wish Lo and Brookings Institution Press the best of luck come April 25th – watch this space!

Bobo Lo

Russia and the New World Disorder
Bobo Lo
2015 | Paperback | 9780815726098 | 336pp
The Russian annexation of Crimea was one of the great strategic shocks of the past twenty-five years. For many in the West, Moscow’s actions in early 2014 marked the end of illusions about cooperation, and the return to geopolitical and ideological confrontation. Russia, for so long a peripheral presence, had become the central actor in a new global drama. In this groundbreaking book, renowned scholar Bobo Lo analyses the broader context of the crisis by examining the interplay between Russian foreign policy and an increasingly anarchic international environment. He argues that Moscow’s approach to regional and global affairs reflects the tension between two very different worlds—the perceptual and the actual.

Praise for the Book:

"[Lo] adopts a commendably calm approach to a topic which attracts plenty of polemic. At every stage he outlines Russian views of the world fairly, and highlights Western mistakes and misapprehensions, before proceeding to paint the full picture in precise and sometimes scathing terms.... Mr. Lo’s book is the best attempt yet to explain Russia’s unhappy relationship with the rest of the world. It does not make comforting reading. Nor should it."
- The Economist

"It is an insightful take from one of the West’s leading Russia scholars on the different tracks Russia’s foreign policy can take, and the results of each. As Russia continues to position itself at the center of world affairs — from annexing Crimea to joining the Syrian civil war — policymakers should look at the world from the Kremlin’s point of view and assess Russian strategic thinking from the inside out. This book does exactly that."
- New Framework