Today, we’re delighted to welcome Parmenides Publishing to the Eurospan Group of publishers.

Parmenides Publishing aims to renew interest in Ancient Greek Philosophy, with a particular focus on First Philosophy and Metaphysics. Parmenides’ publications include new translations, commentaries and research on neo-Platonist works in addition to historical and philosophical works exposing pre-Socratic thought.

Parmenides Publishing owes its name to one of the great pre-Socratic thinkers, Parmenides of Elea. Whilst much of Western philosophical thought finds its origins in the works of Plato and Aristotle – with A.N. Whitehead even describing the entirety of Western Philosophy as ‘a series of footnotes on Plato’ - Plato’s writings and much of Ancient Greek Philosophy were themselves heavily influenced by Parmenides of Elea.

The influence of Parmenides can be seen beyond just the works of Plato. Active in the earlier part of the 5th Century BCE, the only surviving work of Parmenides is a metaphysical and cosmological poem titled On Nature. One of the reasons we still have much of this seminal poem is because of its major influence over Parmenides’ near contemporaries and its role in the development of Greek Natural Philosophy and Metaphysics.

The difficulties in interpreting On Nature have resulted in disagreement about many fundamental questions concerning Parmenides’ philosophical views. Most crucially, there is the question of whether he believed that all that exists is one unchanging thing and that the world of ordinary experience and even the self is just a deception. This philosophy is still prevalent in modern philosophical thought and Parmenides’ arguments, if taken as in favour of Strict Monism, continue to shape views on Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Religious Philosophy and Ethics.  

Parmenides’ crucial influence on Ancient Greek Metaphysics, and the further influence of Ancient Greek Philosophy on Western Philosophy as a whole, ensures that Parmenides’ challenging work remains an obstacle for metaphysicians over 2,500 years after it was written.

Take a look at the books below for vital reading for anyone interested in researching further into Ancient Greek thought and Parmenides’ work and legacy.

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