We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 November 2017, titles published by Nunavut Arctic College Media are now available worldwide, excluding North America.

Nunavut Arctic College Media is a division of the Language & Culture Program at Nunavut Arctic College. It publishes books and learning materials to enhance understanding of Inuit culture, history, and language. It also strives to serve all Nunavummiut, and those with an interest in learning more about the Canadian Eastern Arctic. Nunavut’s goal is to increase awareness of Canada’s Far North and foreground Inuit perspectives through print, audio, video, oral history, and archival initiatives.

Thou Shalt Do No Murder

Inuit, Injustice, and the Canadian Arctic
Kenn Harper High Arctic, 1920: Three Inuit men delivered justice to an abusive Newfoundland trader. This is a story of fur trade rivalry and duplicity, isolation and abandonment, greed and madness, and a struggle for the affections of an Inuit woman during a time of major social change in the High Arctic.

Arctic Ecology and Environmental Stewardship
Avatimik Kamattiarniq
Jordan Hoffman
This unique resource explores the unique environment of the Arctic, as well as the traditional Inuit value of environmental stewardship. It introduces and explores the subject of ecology and environmental issues from a Northern perspective. Ecological concepts such as trophic levels, symbiosis, population dynamics, biomes, and more are explained using Arctic examples.

Inuit Worldviews
An Introduction
Edited by Jarich Oosten & Frédéric Laugrand
An insightful introduction into the production and transmission of knowledge in Inuit societies through the voices of Inuit elders. This rare book grew out of the Oral Traditions course, held at the Iqaluit campus of Nunavut Arctic College. The college invited Inuit elders to be interviewed, in Inuktitut, by the students taking the course that year.