We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 January 2018, titles published by Pentagon Press are now available worldwide, excluding North America and South Asia.

Pentagon Press has carved a niche for itself with its distinctive titles and subjects, and has found a core readership among academia, policymakers, and civil society actors. Pentagon’s mission is to empower and educate citizens on issues of national security, politics, international relations and development, in India and beyond. Pentagon’s vision is  Understanding through information….Peace through Understanding.

Pentagon’s publications include the best-selling annuals, Pentagon Yearbook: South Asia Defence and Strategic Perspective and Brahmand World Defence Update 2017.


Pentagon Yearbook 2017
South Asia Defence and Strategic Perspective
Vijay Sakhuja
South Asia's complex geopolitical realities present a number of challenges to regional countries and dominate the discourse. Likewise, there are complex geostrategic issues which inhibit regional cooperation and add to trust-deficit. This edition captures the perspectives of experts and scholars on South Asia who offer insights on the region.

Brahmand World Defence Update 2017
Provides a comprehensive assessment of present-day global military order with a focus on each nation's military capabilities, new arms acquisitions and defence spending. This edition features a chapter on naval warfare systems, focusing on various naval ships and systems and the latest advances that will influence the battlefield of tomorrow.

The Blue Economy
Concept, Constituents and Development
Edited by Vijay Sakhuja & Kapil Narula
Presents the essential ingredients of the blue economy and discusses its various components. The role of sustainable development of fisheries, renewable ocean energy, marine leisure industry, maritime infrastructure and deep seabed mining in promoting the blue economy are presented.