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We are delighted to announce that, as of 1st May 2020, titles published by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) will be available through Eurospan in the UK, Continental Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Oceania.

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is a not-for-profit technical and educational organisation of 35,000 individual members and 75 affiliated Member Associations representing water quality professionals around the world. WEF produce content for water quality engineers and water department administrators

              Industrial Wastewater Management Treatment and Disposal  Why Water's Worth It  Nutrient Removal

Industrial Wastewater Management, Treatment, and Disposal
Third Edition
February 2020, 602pp
9781572783690, Paperback
WEF Manual of Practice, FD-3
This publication offers proven methods to help you take on toxic, concentrated, and polluted wastewater. Complete with illustrations and tables throughout, this comprehensive, authoritative guide contains up-to-date information on significant treatment studies, efficient control processes, and the latest regulations.

Divided into two sections covering planning and managing industrial wastewater pre-treatment processes and design, operation, and procurement of industrial pre-treatment facilities, respectively, this Manual of Practice equips you with the know-how for treating and removing industrial wastes of all kinds by providing detailed descriptions of pre-treatment processes, design criteria, and process performance.

This is the only reference you'll need to perform effective wastewater treatment operations.

Why Water's Worth It
Lori Harrison
Illustrated by Jon Harrison
March 2019, 42pp
9781572783546, Paperback
9781572783621, Hardback

Also Available: 
Por qué el agua vale la pena?
9781572783638, July 2019 
Paperback, 42pp 
9781572783645, August 2019
Hardback, 42pp

Pourquoi l'eau en vaut la peine
9781572783652, July 2019 
Paperback, 42pp
9781572783669, August 2019
Hardback,  42pp
This educational picture book is about a little girl with a big story to tell – why is water worth it? With her nose buried in her book, she walks young readers through the world of clean water, how it's managed, and the importance of everyone working together to protect it.

Written for 4 to 8 year-olds but with appeal to readers of all ages, this book uses fun, engaging illustrations and rhyming text to present a simple explanation of a complex process while encouraging personal responsibility and thoughtful, "green" choices.

To help small hands become big heroes, the book includes a list of small ways to make a big difference and cool facts to explain why water's worth it!

You need water. Water needs you. From parents, to teachers, to water professionals around the world, this story will help you empower the next generation of water protectors.

Nutrient Removal
March 2020, 672pp
9781572783706, Paperback
WEF Manual of Practice, No 34
This manual and definitive guide provides comprehensive information on biological and chemical methods for nitrogen and phosphorus removal from wastewater.

It is invaluable to everyone who wants to really understand how nutrient removal is accomplished – whether it's a utility trying to optimize its plant, an engineer trying to figure out the best approach to designing a facility, or a student trying to understand the basics behind nutrient removal.

  • ⁠- Provides an integrated approach for combined nitrogen and phosphorus removal.
  • ⁠- Includes details on ammonia and dewatering liquors treatment.
  • ⁠- Covers environmental and regulatory issues.
  • ⁠- Also discusses natural treatment systems.