We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 February 2017, titles published by the Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) are now available worldwide from Eurospan (excluding North America).

Embracing a mission of connecting the world of applied geophysics, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists is a not-for-profit organization supporting 27,000 members from 128 countries. Founded in 1930, SEG provides information, tools, and resources vital to advancing the science of exploration geophysics; fostering common scientific interests; supporting humanitarian efforts; and accelerating geophysical innovation.

The goal of SEG's publishing programme is to advance applied geophysics through dissemination of technical information among geophysicists worldwide. 

Classical and Modern Diffraction Theory
Edited by Kamill Klem-Musatov et al
Dec 2016 9781560803225 Paperback
Includes an overview of classical theory; early cornerstones from the 17th century and the works of Grimaldi, Huygens, and Young.

Elements of 3D Seismology
Third Edition

Christopher L. Liner
Dec 2016 9781560803379 Hardback
A thorough introduction to acquisition, processing, and interpretation, this volume includes seismic wave phenomena in acoustic, elastic, and porous media; creating 2D and 3D images from field data, and more.

Interpreter Sam Carries On
Donald A. Herron
Dec 2016 9781560803393 Paperback
A collection of "Interpreter Sam" columns from The Leading Edge, this book carries on with the stories of a seismic interpreter's career in the oil and gas industry.