Welcome to Eurospan Cooks – a new series of blogs trialling recipes from cookbooks from Eurospan’s partner-publishers. Our (very willing!) guinea pig cooks from the Eurospan office will be whipping up delicious starters, mains, and of course desserts from our favourite cookbooks.

Today Clemmie, Sales and Marketing Assistant for the Science, Technology and Medicine team, starts by exploring healthy cooking, the role of cooking in medicine and the ketogenic diet.

Part of the pleasure of working with medical titles is their variety – from clinical medicine to occupational therapy, I’m constantly learning about new and diverse ways the medical profession is enriching our lives. So I was intrigued to try a cookbook from a medical publisher, The Modified Keto Cookbook, published by Demos Health.Keto
What is Keto cooking? The Ketogenic diet is a high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet. It works by changing the way energy is used in the body. Usually, carbohydrates are converted to glucose, which is transported around the body giving us energy and helping our brain to function.  However, in a diet where there is little carbohydrate, the liver converts fat into fatty acids and ketone bodies. These ketone bodies pass into the brain and replace glucose as an energy source. If sustained, the body goes into a state of ‘ketosis’ where it relies on ketone bodies for energy rather than fats. Ketosis is sometimes referred to as the body’s ‘fat-burning’ mode – the induction phase of some low carbohydrate diets, such as the Atkins diet – is ketogenic.So why try it? Firstly, it’s been proven to benefit epilepsy sufferers, leading to a reduction in epilepsy seizures. Secondly, new research is emerging that suggests this diet can help those with cancer, brain injury, forms of dementia, austism, migraines and other neurological problems. Plus, the cookbook promises fresh, clean eating and simple, easy to make recipes.

I chose the ‘Vegan Taco Salad’ for my recipe. I’m fairly omnivorous, but I have housemates who are vegetarian and vegan. Also this recipe gave me the opportunity to make the Low-Carbohydrate Salsa and Guacamole also featured in this book.
Vegan Tacos
The recipe was simple to make, even whilst fighting the dubious looks of my housemates, who were convinced that the mixture of chopped nuts and seeds in a lettuce leaf could never replace meat in a tortilla. Yet after a few mouthfuls they conceded that the mixture was refreshing and tasty, particularly when combined with the guacamole and salsa. And for a meal presented in a lettuce leaf it was surprisingly filling!

This cookbook also contains recipes for pizzas, soups, smoothies, chicken curries, and much more – I’m looking forward to experimenting with more simple and fulfilling keto cooking.

The recipe featured was the ‘Vegan Taco Salad’ from The Modified Keto Cookbook, published by Demos Health.
For more information on the benefits of the Ketogenic diet for sufferers of epilepsy, please see the new sixth edition of The Ketogenic and Modified Atkins Diets from Demos Health, published this month.