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With the opening of J.K. Rowling’s West End play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and her screenwriting debut, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, being released later this year, the Harry Potter canon is set to increase dramatically. Potter fans in London and around the globe are being swept up in “Pottermania” once more. Tickets to Cursed Child sold out within minutes of going on sale last year and are available on online reseller sites for up to £2,000. Over the past couple of months, booksellers have been inundated with pre-orders for the play’s script, which will go on sale on 31st July, the play’s premiere day, which (not so) coincidentally falls on Harry Potter’s 36th birthday. Once again, readers will have the magical experience of a midnight launch party.

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The enduring appeal of Harry Potter is grounded not just in Rowling’s ability to tell a compelling and exciting story, but in her fearlessness to tackle larger issues throughout her books and making these issues understandable to a younger audience. Rowling’s works have done much to incentivise young people into confronting problems in society at a time when the general consensus is that young people can be apathetic towards politics and social ills.

Rowling consistently confronts audiences with uncomfortable issues such as depression, racism, and sexism, that are otherwise ignored or discussed with so much hyperbole that they fail to engage the audience for any length of time. The fandom built by Rowling does more than just obsess over the world of Harry Potter, the characters, the actors, or Rowling herself. It actually strives to contribute something positive to society, having been inspired by Rowling’s work to do so.

Similarly, this positive influence, in particular on young people, to engage in wider society is global, with the Harry Potter series being translated into at least 68 languages and selling an estimated 450 million copies worldwide.

Below, we have put together a selection of new and bestselling books investigating the enduring appeal of the Boy Who Lived, published by McFarland.

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