On Wednesday 13th January, Evelyn Amony spoke to the BBC World Service about the contents of her debut book I Am Evelyn Amony: Reclaiming My Life from the Lord's Resistance Army from University of Wisconsin Press.

Amony escaped from the Lord’s Resistance Army in 2005 after being forced to fight as a child soldier and eventually marry its leader, Joseph Kony. The LRA was founded in the 1980s, they abducted thousands of children from villages across Uganda, forcing them to fight as well as promoting the sexual enslavement of girls.

I Am Evelyn Amony is an incredible book that charts Amony’s life, from her abduction at eleven years old to the active part she played in Ugandan peace talks in 2006.  Today, Amony works with the United Nations as Chair of the Women’s Advocacy Network. Below, is her interview with the BBC.

I Am Evelyn Amony has also been extracted in The Guardian, read more here.