It hasn’t been a great week for English football, as the England squad were knocked out of the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament by Iceland. Unfortunately for football fans, this isn’t the first time England have given a disappointing performance: in 2014, England left the Fifa World Cup after being knocked out during the group stages of the tournament, the first time since 1958. However, support for English football remains strong, so what keeps fans coming back again and again?

In the forthcoming book Maybe Next Year: Long-Suffering Sports Fans and the Teams That Never Deliver from McFarland, more than 100 loyal sports followers talk about why they aren't giving up on their teams.

Any sports fan knows that supporters are a devoted bunch. They sit in the wind and the cold watching a team that rarely makes it to first place, and then they come back for more the next season. What is it that keeps these fans going through all the hard times? Here is a chance to read about these fans as they tell their stories of devotion and determination.

Maybe Next Year is available to pre-order now.