This month marks a very special anniversary, for one December afternoon, two years ago, Eurospanners met a new colleague for the first time.

He wasn't a particularly verbose chap - on the whole, he prefers knuckling down to his work - but he's always very keen to muck in and play his part.

His name is Xander, and he remains one of our hardest-working colleagues. In fact, he often sleeps at his desk.

But how did this primate come to work at Eurospan? Well, after a few years of wild living, swinging from place to place, Xander welcomed a more stable job. He still needs a hand to help him get going in the morning, but after a banana or two he's raring to go.

Xander took some time off in 2015 to visit family in Borneo, but Xander arranged for his long-time pen-friend Mr Timothy Darwin to cover his work. Darwin made such an impact at Eurospan that he is now a permanent member of staff.

You don't find chimps like Darwin by the cartload. Reserved by nature, Darwin was pleased to quit monkeying around in a toy factory and settled in well at Eurospan.

Once Xander returned from his trip and recovered from his family's buffoonery, the two apes have been hard at work together.

Often tied to their desks, the apes are always pleased for an opportunity to get out and about. This year, both apes assisted Eurospan at London Book Fair and Frankfurt Book Fair.

LBF Apes
We asked Xander and Darwin how they've enjoyed their time at Eurospan. Here's what they said:

"Ook!" - Xander

"Eee Eee Ah Ah!" - Darwin

We couldn't agree more. You can hear more from the apes on twitter: @Book_Apes