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#CreateYourRevolution with the Sustainable Development Goals
at the Frankfurt Book Fair

This year the Frankfurt Book Fair will promote a new initiative for the future of culture, encouraging visitors to #CreateYourRevolution, and is proudly supported by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. In celebration, we've curated a list of books on the SDGs to tie in to the campaign. You can also get involved with the UN's SDG Book Club, find out more here.

The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2019
United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs
Oct 2019 60pp
9789211014037 Paperback
Presents how far we have come towards reaching the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). This fourth edition of the annual report uses the latest available data and inputs from custodian agencies of the UN system other international agencies.

Frieda Makes A Difference
The Sustainable Development Goals and How You Too Can Change the World
United Nations
Aug 2019 52pp
9789211014068 Paperback
One day, Ana from the United Nations visits Frieda’s school to teach her class about the Sustainable Development Goals—the world’s plan to reduce poverty and protect the planet by 2030. Frieda develops a global perspective and is encouraged to take action against the biggest issues of our day: from combating climate change and protecting endangered species to ending poverty and fighting inequality.
Also available in hardback, Spanish, and French language editions.

Standards for the Sustainable Development Goals
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
Feb 2019 90pp
9789211171815 Paperback
Provides an overview of how international standards are used by policymakers to support sustainability and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The publication documents the practical experience of regulatory authorities, governments and local administrations, as well as regional groups of countries, in using standards.

Dead Reckoning, the graphic novel imprint of Naval Institute Press, has released an exciting new graphic novel, Once Upon a Time in France.

A new English edition of the French series by Fabien Nury, illustrated by Sylvain Vallée, and translated by Ivanka Hahnenberger, this omnibus edition collects the original series together. Once Upon a Time in France became an international bestseller, selling over one million copies and garnering awards including the BDGest’Arts Best Scenario Award, BDGest’Arts Album of the Year, and Angoulême International Comics Festival Best Series Award, among many others.

Based on a true story, Once Upon a Time in France follows the life of Joseph Joanovici, a Romanian Jew who immigrated to France in the 1920s and became one of the richest men in Europe as a scrap-metal magnate. For some, he was a villain. For others, a hero.

As Germany occupies France, Mr. Joseph thinks his influence can keep his family safe, but he soon finds that the only way to stay one step ahead of the Nazis is to keep his friends close and his enemies closer. Though he plays both sides of the fence as a Nazi collaborator and French resistant, a tangled web of interests forms around him that proves it will take a lot more than money to pay for the survival of his family.

You can download an exclusive extract from the beginning of the novel here, and the full title is available to order on the Eurospan Bookstore now. You can also view more on the Eurospan Instagram.

We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 September 2019, titles published by Alpha Science International are available in Eastern Europe, North America, and Oceania through Eurospan.

Alpha Science International was founded in 2000 by a group of experienced international publishers with a combined experience of over eighty years. Alpha Science publishes textbooks and monographs in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine.


Integral Equations and Calculus of Variations
Mijanur Rahaman Seikh & Prasun Kumar Nayak
Nov 2019 372pp
9781783324064 Hardback
Designed to meet requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate courses in mathematics, physics and engineering, this book covers all the standard topics in detail. The illustrated examples are solved by classical analytic procedure, and theories as well as proofs of theorems are included.

Introduction to Topology
Khalil Ahmad
Nov 2019 120pp
9781783325375 Hardback
Examines the basic concepts of topology and topological spaces followed by metric spaces, continuous functions, compactness, separation axioms, connectedness, and product topology.

Textbook of Immunology
C. Vaman Rao
Jun 2019 436pp
9781783324163 Hardback
Includes recent advance that have been made in innate and acquired immune response, mucosal immune system, T and B-cell maturation, activation and development, role of HLA in autoimmune disease, immune evasion and tolerance by tumours, pathology associated with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 September 2019, titles published by CBS Publishers & Distributors, Pvt Ltd, India are available in the UK, Continental Europe, Asia (excluding South and Central Asia), Oceania, North America, and Latin America through Eurospan.

CBS Publishers & Distributors, Pvt Ltd, India is one of India’s leading publishers with over 2,000 titles currently in print. These authoritative books have been written by authors with scholarly backgrounds and professional excellence, to meet the requirements of students at all levels in medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary science, life sciences, agriculture, technology, and engineering.


Essentials of Pharmacology
D.K. Basu
Jun 2019 168pp
9788123911502 Paperback
Presents all the key facts and essentials on pharmacology in a condensed, yet comprehensive, form for use as a ready reference. Important aspects of clinical uses as well as explanations of the mechanisms of drug actions that are essential for understanding fundamental concepts of pharmacology have been discussed. Adverse reactions and toxic effects have been incorporated for almost all the drugs included.

Ghai Essential Pediatrics
Ninth Edition
V.K. Paul
Jun 2019 814pp
9789387964105 Hardback
For over four decades Ghai Essential Pediatrics has been a most trusted resource for undergraduate and postgraduate students in pediatrics. The ninth edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to ensure that the reader has access to latest information on diagnoses and therapies.

The Clinical Approach
A Companion for the Practising Doctor, Fourth Edition
R.D. Lele
Jun 2019 215pp
9789380206981 Paperback
Several new sections have been added to this new edition: scorpion stings, snake bites, metabolic syndrome and endothelial dysfunction, sleep disorders, women's health, stem cell therapy, personalised medicine and healthcare, and the mobile Smartphone revolution in health care.

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