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Baseball and Country Music

Don Cusic (author)

ISBN: 9780879728588

Publication Date: Oct 2003

Format: Paperback

Also available as: Hardback  

The histories of baseball and country music run in parallel, evolving with American society through wartime, the Civil Rights movement and into the age of superstars. Don Cusic offers an analysis of their growth, looking at race, gender, class, ethnicity, business, media and celebrity.

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The histories of baseball and country music ran in parallel tracks from the fringes to the mainstream, gaining exposure and building heroes, first via radio broadcasts and then on the television screen. Both evolved with American society through wartime, the Civil Rights movement, and into the age of multimillion dollar superstars. Don Cusic offers an engaging and insightful analysis that addresses race, gender, class, ethnicity, business practices and marketing, performance, media, and the cult of celebrity.


Baseball and country music have many historic links.... Don Cusic finds these in their lower- or working-class popularity and in their ongoing quests for respectability (which money and success finally brought to both). - Ronnie Pugh, author of Ernest Tubb: The Texas Troubadour
Imprint Popular Press
Pages 120
Date Published 31 Oct 2003
Publisher The University of Wisconsin Press
Series A Ray & Pat Browne Book
Subject/s Cultural studies   History of the Americas   Baseball   Country & Western music  
Don Cusic is professor of music business at Belmont University as well as a writer and songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee. He is the author of many books on music and popular culture including Cowboys and the Wild West and Willie Nelson: Lyrics 1957-1994.

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