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Age Discrimination in the American Workplace

Old at a Young Age

Raymond F. Gregory (author)

ISBN: 9780813529066

Publication Date: Apr 2001

Format: Hardback

An exploration of age discrimination in the American workplace. Attorney Raymond Gregory traces the history of federal measures assisting workers in contesting employer conduct; explains how the law works; and presents actual court cases showing how workers have challenged their employers.

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Nearly every middle-aged and older worker, at some time during his or her career, will suffer age discrimination in the workplace. Employers too often use early-retirement plans, restructurings, and downsizings to dismiss older workers. Many of these individuals are unwillingly ushered into earlier-than-planned retirements, are denied promotions, or are terminated. The baby-boomer generation now accounts for just under 50 percent of the entire workforce. A vast army of workers now stands ready to contest employer acts of age discrimination. Attorney Raymond Gregory addresses himself to the millions of workers who think they might be facing age discrimination and traces the history of the federal measures enacted to assist workers in contesting unlawful employer conduct. He explains how the law works and presents actual court cases to demonstrate the ways that workers have challenged their employers. The cases help to illustrate legal principles in real-life experiences and many of the cases relate compelling stories of workers caught up in a web of employer discriminatory conduct. Gregory has eliminated all legal jargon, ensuring that all concepts are clear to his readers. Individuals will turn to this book again and again to obtain authoritative background on this important topic.
Pages 296
Dimensions 229 x 152
Date Published 30 Apr 2001
Publisher Rutgers University Press
Subject/s Public administration   Industrial relations  

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