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This May, the South Dakota Historical Society Press will publish Pioneer Girl Perspectives, a collection of illuminating essays on Laura Ingalls Wilder and her work. This volume builds upon Wilder’s previously published, bestselling memoir Pioneer Girl: The Annotated Autobiography with a wealth of contextual perspectives and is perfect for fans hoping to gain further insight into the conception of the much-loved Little House books.

Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957) finished Pioneer Girl in 1930 when she was sixty-three years old. After several rejections from publishers, she drew upon her original manuscript to write the Little House books which continue to enthral readers today. Until the release of Pioneer Girl  in 2014, the memoir had only been available at the Hoover Presidential Library (Iowa) as an unedited rough draft.

Initially, the press only expected the book to be successful within the academic community, but it quickly became a worldwide hit. Generations of Little House fans welcomed the release and took to bookshops in droves. The book received a lot of international press coverage, was featured on the New York Times bestseller list, sold translation rights, and had to be reprinted multiple times within the first few months of publication as demand was so high. The unexpected success of Pioneer Girl revealed a profound absence of material on the history of the Little House series. An absence that Wilders’ fans are clearly keen to have filled.

Pioneer Girl Perspectives
In Pioneer Girl Perspectives, Nancy Tystad Koupal has collected essays from noted scholars of Wilder’s life and work that explore the themes and genesis of Wilder’s writings. They shed new light on the story behind Wilder’s original manuscript and examines the ways in which the author and her daughter and editor, Rose Wilder Lane, worked to develop a marketable narrative. The contributors delve into the myths and realities of Wilder’s work to discover the real lives of frontier children, the influence of time and place on both Wilder and Lane, and the role of folklore in the Little House novels.

Together, the essays give readers a deeper understanding of how Wilder built and managed her story. Published over eighty years after its inception, Pioneer Girl gave readers new insight into the truth behind Wilder’s fiction. Pioneer Girl Perspectives further explores the importance of Wilder as an influential American author whose stories of growing up on the frontier remain relevant today.

For more information on Laura Ingalls Wilder, frontier life, and all things Pioneer Girl, check out The Pioneer Girl Project blog!

This is the last week of Women’s History Month. It has been a time for celebration and reflection, to honour the women whose endeavours have brought us closer to gender parity, and to consider how we can take the movement for women’s liberation forward.

Our final week books look to re-centre women’s voices and their contributions to national history, from Kenya to Puerto Rico. These titles also consider how memory can help navigate the concept of girlhood, and make the bold claim that nations cannot afford to neglect the education of


Women's Voices from the Margins
Diaries from Kibera, Kenya
Elizabeth Swart
May 2017 250pp
9780889615885 Paperback
Drawing on the diary entries of twenty young women living in Kibera, a large slum outside of Nairobi, Kenya, this book is an in-depth investigation into women's experiences of gender-based violence in the Global South. Elizabeth Swart employs relevant theory and feminist scholarship to ground her analysis in the broader context of globalisation, while also attending to the specific responses and strategies used by these diarists to cope with gender-based violence.
Canadian Scholars' Press

What Works in Girls' Education
Evidence for the World's Best Investment
Gene B. Sperling & Rebecca Winthrop
2015 288pp
9780815728603 Paperback
Offers hard-headed evidence on why the returns from investing in girls are so high that no nation or family can afford not to educate their girls. As Malala Yousafzai expresses in her foreword, the idea that any child could be denied an education due to poverty, custom, the law, or terrorist threats is just wrong and unimaginable.
Brookings Institution Press

Becoming Girl
Collective Biography and the Production of Girlhood
Edited by Marnina Gonick & Susanne Gannon
2014 250pp
9780889615137 Paperback
Located within the interdisciplinary field of girlhood studies, this collection demonstrates how memories can be used to investigate the ways in which girlhood is culturally, historically, and socially constructed. Narrative vignettes of memory are produced and investigated to explore relations of power, longing, and belonging, and to critically examine the ways in which girlhood is constituted.
Canadian Scholars' Press

Nationalist Heroines
Puerto Rican Women History Forgot, 1930s-1950s
Olga Jiménez de Wagenheim
May 2016 364pp
9781558766198 Paperback
From the moment the United States seized Puerto Rico, in 1898, to the 1950s, the islanders employed various forms of resistance against American colonial rule. While the male nationalists have been celebrated as heroes in Puerto Rico, the women have gone unmentioned. This book seeks to rescue the stories of the women who gave up their freedom in the quest to liberate their homeland.
Markus Wiener Publishers

2017 Abel Prize goes to Yves Meyer

23 Mar 2017 10:00:00

Each year, the Abel Prize is awarded for outstanding work in the field of mathematics. This year, the Abel Prize has been awarded to French mathematician Yves Meyer, for his “pivotal role in the development of the mathematical theory of wavelets”.

Wavelets are brief wave-like oscillations that serve as the building blocks of digital sound and image data. Intersecting mathematics, information technology, and computational science, Yves Myer’s work has led to developments in areas as diverse as data compression, noise reduction, medical imaging, digital cinema, deconvolution of the Hubble space telescope images, and the detection of gravitational waves created by the collision of black holes.

Meyer’s “work on wavelets has been transformative in the area of signal processing,” said mathematician Terence Tao, who presented the prize to Meyer by phone from the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

The Abel Prize carries a cash prize of 6 million NOK (£600,000), and Yves Meyer will officially receive the prize from his Majesty King Harald V on 23rd May at an award ceremony in Oslo. To celebrate Yves Myer’s work, we have put together a selection of his titles, published by the American Mathematical Society. 

Wavelets, Vibrations and Scalings
Yves Meyer

Nov 1997 133pp, Illustrations
9780821806852 Hardback
CRM Monograph Series, Vol. 9
Discusses the relevance of wavelet analysis to problems in which self-similarities are important. This title is suitable for scientists wishing to apply wavelet analysis to multifractal signal processing.

Wavelet Methods for Pointwise Regularity and Local Oscillations of Functions
Stéphane Jaffard & Yves Meyer

1996 110pp
9780821804759 Paperback
Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society, Vol. 123
In this book, wavelet analysis is related to the 2-microlocal spaces discovered by J. M. Bony. The authors then prove that a wavelet based multi-fractal analysis leads to a remarkable improvement of Sobolev embedding theorem. In addition, they show that chirps were hidden in a celebrated Riemann series.

Oscillating Patterns in Image Processing and Nonlinear Evolution Equations
The Fifteenth Dean Jacqueline B. Lewis Memorial Lectures

2001 122pp
9780821829202 Paperback
University Lecture Series, Vol. 22
Image compression, the Navier-Stokes equations, and detection of gravitational waves are three unrelated scientific problems that can be studied from one perspective. This book considers image processing, precisely algorithms of image compression and denoising. It features results on the Navier-Stokes and other nonlinear evolution equations.

World Water Day: Why Waste Water?

22 Mar 2017 09:34:15

Today is World Water Day, about taking action to tackle our growing water crisis.

It focuses our attention on the importance of water, and using it sustainably. The theme this year is ‘why waste water?’. Globally, over 80% of the water that we use flows back into nature without being retreated or reused, and then causes damage to the environment, and can cause harm to those who are exposed to it.

Without action, this will only increase: by 2050, close to 70% of the world’s populations will live in cities, compared to only 50% today – currently, most developing cities do not have the resources to reuse the vast amount of water they waste. By then, the demand for water is predicted to grow by 50%. By using the wastewater from our homes, cities, and industries, we can benefit human health, economic development and environmental sustainability.

In line with this year’s theme of ‘wastewater’, these resources will enable professionals in the industry, scientists, academics, and students, to understand the importance of wastewater management and reuse, and to develop strategies to achieve safe water and sanitation, and sustainable cities and communities.

Basic Science Concepts and Applications for Wastewater
Patrick L. Antonelli & Bill Craigo

2003 277pp
9781583212905 Hardback
Offers science principles and operational calculations for the wastewater treatment field.
American Water Works Association

Benchmarking Performance Indicators for Water and Wastewater: 2016 Edition
American Water Works Association

Apr 2017 238pp
9781625761972 Paperback
Allows utility managers to use data and analyses to determine how their utility's performance compares to the water or wastewater industry. American Water Works Association
American Water Works Association

Solid and Liquid Waste Management
Waste to Wealth
Vasudevan Rajaram et al
2016 320pp
9788120352452 Paperback
Discusses various economical methods to manage waste, and important techniques for converting waste.
PHI Learning


Technologies for the Treatment and Recovery of Nutrients from Industrial Wastewater
Edited by Ángeles Val del Río, José Luís Campos Gómez & Anuska Mosquera Corral

2016 315pp
9781522510376 Hardback
Advances in Environmental Engineering and Green Technologies
Highlights novel technological tools in wastewater treatment, effective nutrient removal technologies, and innovative solutions to quality water preservation practices.
IGI Global

Green Technologies for Sustainable Water Management
Edited by Huu Hao Ngo et al

2016 894pp
9780784414422 Paperback
Following an overview of water as a valuable resource, this book provides in-depth information on current various green technologies associated with sustainable water and wastewater management.
American Society of Civil Engineers

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